The Life of Leo Tolstoy and its Great Impact on his Literary Works

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The Life of Leo Tolstoy and its Great Impact on his Literary Works "How Much Land Does A Man Need?," by Leo Tolstoy was influenced by his life and times. Leo Tolstoy encountered many things throughout his life that influenced his works. His life itself influenced him, along with poverty, greed and peasant days in 19th century Russia. Tolstoy's eventful life impacted his works. Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy was born into a family of aristocratic landowners in 1828 at the family estate at Yasnaya Polyana, a place south of Moscow. His parents died in the 1930s when he was very young so his aunts raised him with an upper middle class lifestyle. His aunts were very important to him and when they died, he made them live on forever as characters in his stories (Alexander 16). While his aunts were still alive, they hired tutors to teach him out of Tolstoy's home (Tolstoi). After a few years of wandering about Russia, he recommenced his studies at sixteen years old at Kazan' University to study law and oriental language but preferred to educate himself independently and in 1847, he gave up his studies without finishing his degree (Troyat 28). His next fifteen years were very unsettled. Tolstoy returned to Yasnaya Polyana to manage the family estate, with the purpose to improve himself intellectually, morally, and physically. After less than two years, though, he abandoned rural life for the pleasures of Moscow. In 1851, Tolstoy traveled to the Caucasus, a region then part of southern Russia, where his brother was serving in the army. He enlisted as a volunteer, serving with distinction in the Crimean War from 1853-1856 (Magill 382). Tolstoy started his literary career in the 1850s during his army service. His genre of work inc... ... middle of paper ... .../> This site was important in finding main points of Tolstoy's life. · Magill, Frank N. Magill's Survey of World Literature (c)1993 North Bellmore, New York: Salem Press, Inc., 1993. This book was important to find specific dates. · Manor, Denis. Tolstoy (c)1986 New York, New York, House Publishing. This book had lots of history about Tolstoy's background. · Nitze, Paul H. & Foreword. The Complete Idiots Guide to Leo Tolstoy. London: Henry Z. Walck, 1994. This book was helpful to explain Tolstoy's theories and psychological information in Tolstoy's works. · Pearlman, E. Literary Works! Denver: Twayne Publishers, 1992. This book was good for miscellaneous information. · Troyat, Henri/Amphoux, Nancy. Tolstoy (c)2000 Albany, New York: Grove Pr. Edition, 30/3/01. This book was helpful to find Tolstoy's biography.

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