The Life of John Maynard Keynes

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John Maynard Keynes was born June 5, 1885 in Cambridge, England. His father was an economist and philosopher and lectured at Cambridge University, while his mother was the first female mayor of their town. (BBC) At a young age Keynes was influenced by his father and began questioning what interest was. He had poor health which made it difficult to attend school when he was young but, he was instead tutored by a governess and his mother, who was one of the first female graduates from Cambridge University. (BCC) Math and history were two areas that he excelled when he started at primary school. He was one of twenty students to received a scholarship to Eton College that were awarded, at the age of 13. (Career Timeline)
In 1902, Keynes transferred to King’s College under a scholarship to study mathematics. Alfred Marshall, an economist, encouraged him to become an economist. He graduated with a B.A. in mathematics and over the course of two years continued to study philosophy and economics lectures. (Maynard Keynes) Keynes then began his Civil Service career but, after two years resigned his position and returned to Cambridge to work on probability theory. A year later he published his first professional economics article in the Economics Journal, about the economic downturn on India, where he previously was working. Soon after he became the editor there and his first book Indian Currency and Finance was published in 1913. Later in 1913, he accepted a seat on a Royal Commission “to enquire into Indian Finance and Currency”. (Career Timeline)
In August of 1914 World War I began. John Maynard Keynes wrote a memorandum
“urging resistance to demands by making bankers for the creation of new assets and suspension of liabilities.” (C...

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...nfluential economist of the twentieth century. His books and the institutions he helped establish continue to affect our lives. His theories on modern economics have helped those everywhere because they help logically organize our thoughts about the economy and make predictions. (Career Timeline)

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