The Life of John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy was the 35 president and was shot driving through Dallas, TX by Lee Harvey Oswald. John married Jackie Bouvier on September 12, 1953.They got married at Bouvier in Newport, Rhode Island. They were married for 10 years. They had four children named Caroline, John , Patrick, and Arabella.Caroline was born on November 27,1957. John was born on November 25,1960, and died July 16, 1999 in a plane crash involving his wife and kids. Patrick was born on , and died 2 days after birth on August 9, 1963. Arabella died in the womb and was considered a stillborn ,but was the oldest out the Kennedy children. Leaving the Kennedys only with two living children. “The child was initially buried at Holyhood Cemetery in Brookline, Massachusetts. His body and that of a stillborn sister, Arabella, were re-interred on December 5, 1963, alongside their father at Arlington National Cemetery, and later again moved to their permanent graves.”John Kennedy jr. crashed into the Atlantic Ocean along with his wife Carolyne Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette.” Jackie Kennedy died of cancer on May 19, 1994. “Caroline Kennedy is the only living child/ descendant of the Kennedy family and is currently an Author in New York .”

“Jackie Lee Bouvier was born on July 28,1929, in Southampton, New York. Jackie’s father, John, was wealthy stockbroker on Wall Street whose family had come from France in the early 1800s. In 1942, when Jackie was about to turn thirteen, her mother married a businessman named Hugh Auchincloss who had kids from a previous marriages. Besides her younger sister, Lee. Jackie now had a step sister named Nina, and two step brothers named Yusha and Tommy.”In June 1947, Jackie graduated from a boarding school in Connecticut ...

... middle of paper ... for three years. Then he was assassinated. The day JFK died it was a sad day for everyone. “In 1964 a year after the death of John F Kennedy, the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, better known as the Warren Commission, concluded that Kennedy was killed by a single gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone and not part of a conspiracy. Years after John F Kennedy death more than 2,000 books have been written about his assassination many of which espouse one or more conspiracy theory. Some of the names of John F Kennedy’s books are Oswald Tale, Dallas 1963, The Death of the President, and Cased Close. “ Jackie Kennedy also has books about her. Some of the names of the books are The White House Years, Woman of Courage, and Reading Jackie. Jackie Kennedy has over 1000 books about her and her life as John F Kennedys wife.

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