The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald lived a life that had good things to it and bad things to it. He lived both sides of the American Dream. He enjoys the young love, wealth and success but also had to deal with the tragedies of life. One of them being unsuccessful and having a drink problem. Fitzgerald was named after a distant cousin, which was the author of the star spangled banner. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on September 24, 1896. Fitzgerald grew up in a catholic and above middle class environment. Fitzgerald started writing when he was young. He really got involved in it and taking it more seriously during high school when he was the newspaper publisher, he published detective stories. This encouraged him more to reach his goal of being a successful writer. Fitzgerald attended Princeton University and later on dropped out. He dropped out to join the army where he contained to work on his writing skills, wrote magazines and musical lyrics. He did this to reach his dream. When Fitzgerald turned 21 years old he submitted his first novel to be published and the company he sent it to called Charles Scribner's Sons rejected it, but they told him words of advice that kept his dream alive. After this he started revising his novel in a way that was different from other writers. Revising different from the rest changed his writing style for the rest of his career. Fitzgerald started to rewrite his book called "The Romantic Egoist" which he wanted to be published. This was his second time rewriting and it got rejected again. As well as writing novels Fitzgerald also wrote stories for magazines. He specially wrote for a magazine called the Saturday Evening Post, this served as demonstration for his short works. Many traits in the life of Sco... ... middle of paper ... ...stic and were known to be with many guys. Both of their fathers were high ranked in the job they worked in and were well respected. Fitzgerald is represented as Gatsby because both men were in the army and both lost connection of their loved one when they went away to war. Also both weren't as wealthy at the moment to marry the love of their life. They couldn’t afford to give them the lifestyle of the rich, which they had when living with their parents. Both men wanted to become very rich to be able to accomplish their goal of marrying whom they wanted. The only difference Gatsby had compared to Fitzgerald is that Gatsby made his money the wrong way and Fitzgerald worked hard for his money and went through a lot of ups and downs in his life to reach his wealth. Both men were heart broken by their loved ones when they found out they were with other men as well.
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