The Life of Adolf Hitler

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Arguably the most effective and powerful tyrant of the twentieth century. Was once a small innocent choir boy, then a homeless man obsessed with power and dictatorship, now personally responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews.

In the Austrian town of Braunau on April 20th, 1889, Adolf Hitler was born to mother and father Klara Pölzl and Alois Hitler. Adolf was a great student all throughout primary school, even being a member in the school choir, but very shortly after going to college Adolf soon became rebellious and was failing many of he’s classes. In 1905 He transferred to another school, but then in the end he just quit formal education altogether. He began his years of amateur painting, and dreamt of becoming a famous artist. In 1907, when his mother died, he moved to Vienna to apply for a position in The Academy of Fine Arts. However he’s application was rejected as they thought he was simply not good enough. He became homeless and was living in men’s shelters, trying to survive on an orphan's pension and the money he earned by selling postcards he’d painted. It was whilst he was homeless that he first began to be fascinated by the immense possibility of political manipulation.

He was enthralled by the successes of the Vienna, Mayor Karl Lueger and his propaganda organisation. Under the mayor’s influence, Hitler started to develop the extreme obsession with anti-Semitism that would remain central to his own beliefs. In May 1913 Hitler attempted to slip across the German border to Munich to avoid the Austrian military service. He was arrested and turned over to the Austrian police days later. He convinced the police not to lock him up and presented himself for the draft physical examination, which he failed to pass. Hi...

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...tured, starved, ridiculed and just stripped them of all their self-esteem. Hitler was murdering Jews left right and centre and couldn’t care less. Slowly Hitler started losing control, the war was getting out of he’s league. He came up with all kinds of tactics. Hitler built himself a solid concrete house to protect himself and to block himself out from the rest of the war. Finally it all got too much for him and he committed suicide on the 30 April 1945.

Adolf Hitler had a long and eventful life, full of extreme highs and extreme lows but he would always get the better of it. He was disliked by a numerous amount of people and his inhumane acts are still talked about today but, he still has many followers and has the highest respect from others. I believe that all of he’s actions were unnecessary and just utterly barbaric. The things he did were just atrocious.
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