The Life of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was born April 20th, 1889 in Austria to Klara and Alois Hitler Sr. His father worked for the government as a customs agent and had been previously married. In that marriage he had two children, Alois Jr. and Angela. After he got married to Klara they had three more children; Hitler, Edmund, and Paula. Through out his life Hitler experienced both the good and the bad. His father drank heavily, which left his family at his mercy. He usually beat his wife, kids, and sometimes even his dog. Most of his tempers were taken out on Hitler’s older half-brother, who got the worst of the beatings since he was older. At age fourteen he ran away from home to escape from his father. That led to Hitler getting beat more often. His mother, Klara, on the other hand was completely opposite from Hitler’s father. She was often too caring and overprotective and that bothered Hitler as he got older because he longed to be independent. (Ayer 14-19) At age six, Hitler was finally able to get a small sense of freedom and self-independence when he entered Volksshule. According to his classmates, Hitler was very smart and excelled in academics. “Schoolwork was ridiculously easy, leaving me so much free time that the sun saw more of me than my room.” (Ayer 16). His teacher also noticed his alertness and his organization. At the age of eleven he had to choose between Realschule and the gymnasium. The gymnasium was a secondary school that focused more on the arts and preparing students for college. This, in Hitler’s mind, was the only option as he had the desire to be a painter. Realschule was a school that prepared you for a career. His father forced him to go to Realschule because he wanted Hitler to follow in his footsteps and be a government ... ... middle of paper ... ... a liking to a dog that wandered into the trenches one day. He named it Fuchsl. On a mission one night in October a shell exploded near Hitler sending a sharp piece of shrapnel into his thigh. The injury was severe enough to have him be sent to a hospital in Berlin. He was very excited to be going to the capital of the country he envied. When he arrived he was sorely disappointed to find men who were bragging about how they avoided military service and people speaking in parks about how Germany was going to lose the war. While visiting Berlin he found the answer as to what was causing Germany’s problems: the Jews. In November 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Joseph Lenin) led communist revolutionaries to overthrow the Russian government. The first plans of the new Russian government were to sign an armistice with Germany. It was signed in March 1918. In January 1918

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