The Life and Works of Thomas Hobbes

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AUTHORS: Thomas Hobbes, (1588-1679), was a Philosopher, Scientist and Historian from Wiltshire, England. Following his graduation from the University of Oxford, Hobbes went to work as a private tutor for the young William Cavendish, son of the First Earl of Devonshire. Later William became a Member of Parliament and was accompanied by Hobbes to many debates. During this exposure Hobbes wrote a piece, which later was printed as The Elements of War, Natural and Politic. Although he did not expect the book to be published, it is known to be his first piece on Political Philosophy. In this book, Hobbes defended the ideas of King Charles I, in regards to his royal duties. Parliament used the writings in its arguments with the King prompting the English Civil War. Ultimately the King was executed for treason. Hobbes subsequently fled to Paris in fear of his safety where he began to write a trilogy called Elements of Philosophy concentrating on politics, natural sciences and psychology.
Hobbes had a pessimistic view on society believing that individuals are selfish, and would do anything for personal gain. He feared the disarray that selfishness would create within mankind. This bias shows vastly through his work in Leviathan where he wrote that in order to have peace and security individuals must give up personal freedoms to a Sovereign Leader. An example of this being that, as part of a “social contract,” each individual relinquishes the right to take property from another. These philosophies are what Thomas Hobbes is most remembered by today.
SUMMARY: Leviathan was written while Thomas Hobbes lived in Paris, during the English Civil War. In his book he stated that “the state of nature” is a terrible way for humankind ...

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...ed, comprised of State Representatives and Senators, who would form laws in order to keep harmony within its states. This document continues to be essential in maintaining stability within our Country.

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