The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Miller Hemingway was born into the hand of his father, who was a physician, July 21 1899 in Oak Park Illinois. His father, Dr. Clarence Hemingway had a great interest in literature and history as well as outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. The second of six children Ernest greatly partook in the activities and interests of his father. His mother,Hemingway was the daughter of an english immigrant. She was more the domineering type who wanted a daughter, instead of a son, and continuously dressed Ernest up as a girl and called him Ernestine. She was also very abusive to Clarence (Ernest’s father) who also suffered from diabetes. Dr. Hemingway committed suicide as a result. (Shelokhonov)
After Graduating from high school he began his long writing career as a reporter for The Kansas City Star. He quickly adopted the iconic minimalist style, using short sentences and short paragraphs. Only six months after becoming a reporter he joined the Ambulance Corps in World War 1 and worked as an ambulance driver on the Italian front. In July of 1918 Hemingway was wounded by a mortar shell, that left shrapnel in both legs that caused him pain the rest of his life. (Shelokhonov)
When he returned to America he began working for The Toronto Star and met Hadley Richardson whom he married in 1921. The Toronto Star made him a reporter in Paris in 1921, where he published his first books “Three Stories and Ten Poems” in 1923, and “In Our Time” in 1924. He also wrote “The Sun Also Rises” in 1926, “A Farewell To Arms” in 1929, and a brilliant collection of 49 stories. (Shelokhonov)
On the advice of John Dos Passos, Ernests friend in Paris and a fellow member of “Lost Generation”, Hemingway decided to visit Key West. On the way to Key W...

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...on there luck. Hemingway started a trend in all authors. Today countless authors use Hemingway’s short, simple, and to the point writing style in all of their works. He has left behind a brilliant new style of writing along with an unsatisfiable hunger for adventure, truth, and simplicity.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ernest miller hemingway was born into the hand of his father, who was a physician, july 21 1899 in oak park illinois.
  • Describes how hemingway began his long writing career as a reporter for the kansas city star. he joined the ambulance corps in world war 1 and worked as an ambulance driver on the italian front.
  • Narrates how shelokhonov began working for the toronto star and married hadley richardson in 1921. he published "three stories and ten poems" and "in our time."
  • Narrates how hemingway visited key west on the advice of john dos passos, a parisian friend of the "lost generation".
  • Explains that hemingway participated in the spanish civil war and took part in d-day landings during the invasion of france during world war two. he was awarded the bronze star for his efforts and his actions.
  • Describes how hemingway settled in cuba with his third wife martha gellhorn and wrote "the old man and the sea", which gave him the pulitzer prize he had long been denied.
  • Narrates how hemingway's life was affected by two plane crashes, countless war wounds, several affairs, and four marriages. he was an alcoholic, suffered from biabetias and contracted mental issues such as bipolar disorder.
  • Analyzes how hemingway left a lot of stuff behind for all of us to enjoy, study, and learn from. he used his own style of short paragraphs and straight to the point sentences without filling the readers with useless stuff.
  • Explains that hemingway's simple down-to-earth style of writing was highly regarded by many americans. his stories were always "possible", meaning that they were all real life.
  • Analyzes how an old weathered fisherman is joined by a young kid who wants to help the old man fish.
  • Opines that people can connect to a book in more ways than one. not everyone is fisherman on bad luck streak but most people know what it's like to get something they've fought hard for only to have no choice.
  • Explains that during hemingway's lifetime many historically significant things were happening, including the spanish civil war and the beginning of the cold war between the u.s.
  • Concludes that ernest hemingway is an iconic american author. his writing has touched and influenced many from war veterans, to people a little down on their luck.
  • Explains that ernest hemingway's biography is available at ibmb.
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