The Life and Work of Jane Austen

English novelist Jane Austen was born to George and Cassandra Austen on December 16, 1775, in Steventon, Hampshire England. She grew up in a highly literate family, she was the seventh child out of eight and the second daughter out of two. In 1783, Jane and Cassandra, her older sister, were sent to Oxford to be educated, during this time Jane nearly died of Typhus. In the early 1785, both girls were sent to boarding school, a lack of income from the Austens _____to return home. Jane then used her advantage of having access to her fathers and uncles library as a way to further developed her knowledge on reading. Another form of education she received was through writing poems, plays and stories for her family. The time that Jane wrote her novels, was a period of unimaginable changes, a place where love and romance was constrained by economic status. She was born into a society where the only way to get a high social status was through marrying a wealthy man. Because of this constrain her early work was not considered and not published, and her anonymous author name ...
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