The Life and Death of James Madison

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James Madison was born March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia, while his mother was visiting her parents. He was the son of James and Nelly Conway Madison. After a few weeks, she traveled back to Montpelier Estate, in Orange County, with her newborn. This became his lifelong home. He was the oldest of 10 children and a descendent of the planter aristocracy. His early education was gained from his mother, many tutors, and at a private school. He was a very bright boy and did well in his studies although he was frail and sickly in his youth.
He attended and graduated from College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, in 1771. He showed a special interest in government and the law but also considered the ministry for a career. He completed an extra postgraduate year of study in theology. He was raised as an Episcopalian. After college and back at Montpelier, since he was still undecided on his profession, he embraced the patriot cause. State and local politics took up much of his time, thus began his political career. His profession was considered to be a politician, a planter, and a collage administrator. He was affiliated with the Democratic - Republican Party, a party he and Jefferson founded in 1797. (, 1)
In 1794, he married a buxom, vivacious widow who was 16 years younger than he. Her name was Dolley Payne Todd and she had a son, John. James and Dolley had no children of their own.
James Madison held many other positions in the government. He was a member of Virginia Constitutional Convention in 1776 where he helped frame the Virginia Constitution. As a member of Continental Congress from 1780-83, although he was the youngest delegate, he played a major role in the deliberations of that body....

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...per articles defending the administration of Monroe, and he also acted as Monroe’s foreign policy adviser. (Co-Lin Library Online)
James Madison was a slaveholder his whole life, but in his later years, he was active in the American Colonization Society, whose mission was the resettlement of slaves in Africa. He spoke out against the emerging sectional controversy that threatened the existence of the Union.
On June 28, 1836, James Madison died at Montpelier, Virginia, at the age of 85. He was survived by his wife and stepson.

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