The Life and Agricultural Invention of John Deere

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When driving around the country, one sees hundreds and thousands of acres either planted or tilled. Sometimes one might wonder… “Who would be smart enough to think of something that can plant and till this land?” Also, who is the person that thought of pulling it behind an implement of that complexity? John Deere, the man, and the business, started out in Rutland, Vermont in 1804, He left a legacy that would change agriculture forever. When John Deere crafted his famous steel plow in his blacksmith shop in 1837, he also forged the beginning of Deere & Company “John”.

Today John Deere is recognized as the world’s leading manufacture of agriculture implements (Dalhstrom 3). But back in the late 1830’s John Deere created something that would make today’s people turn their heads. More than a century after his death, the legend of the company’s established founder and is more widely recognized than ever (Dalhstrom 3).

John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont, on February 7, 1804 “John”. The 19th century was an era of growth and exploration, and financial despair (Dalhstrom 5). Change came quickly in John’s life. At the age of four John lost his father at sea, leaving his mother, Sarah Deere, to raise John and his five brothers and sisters “John”. Before John’s father, William, left the port he wrote his children this letter:

My Dear Child and I am to be absent from you many months I wish you to attend to a few kinds of instruction from [one] who has your welfare at [heart]. Be faithful to your master and to his interest be obedient to him and Mrs. Warren be friendly and kind to all the family. Let Truth & Honesty be your guide & on no pretense Deviate from it [B]e Dutiful to your mother Kind to your Sisters & Brothers, have the...

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...producing his invention of the steel plow. John’s meager start with the steel plow now has turned into a business producing tractors that drive themselves. His inventions changed the way of life for farmers of the past, present and future.

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