The Life and Achivements of Benjamin Franklin

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On January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts, was the birth of the tenth son of Josiah and Abiah Franklin; and his name was Benjamin Franklin. He received some formal education, but not the four years that it takes to pursue the job as a clergyman. As an alternative, he started working for his brother James at the New England Courant. The New England Courant, was established by James in 1721, and was deemed the fourth newspaper in the colony. Although, he worked for the newspaper, without anyone knowing, Benjamin submitted 14 essays to the New England Courant under the name, Silence Dogood. After the 16th letter, Benjamin confessed that he had been the one writing the letters, his brother James was angry and very jealous of the attention given to Benjamin for writing the letters. As time went on, the Franklin’s found themselves going against the views of the Mathers, the most powerful Puritan preachers in Boston, while most of the population in Boston agreed with the Franklins, they did not agree with the way James mocked the clergy. James continued to mock the clergy until he eventually landed in jail, which meant Ben was left to run the paper for some time.

In 1723, Ben Franklin moved to Philadelphia, where he met his soon to be wife, Deborah Read, on October 6. Ben landed a job as a printer and eventually gathered enough money to open his own printing facility. He was a hard worker and the people of the area noticed, and in turn this brought contracted government jobs his way. By 1729 Ben was quite the businessman and decided to purchase The Pennsylvania Gazette (1730-48). It would print the first political cartoon. Ben enjoyed his work and even more writing, so much so, that decided to write an almanac called Po...

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...ped. That the most acceptable Service we render to him, is doing Good to his other Children. That the Soul of Man is immortal, and will be treated with Justice in another Life respecting its Conduct in this ... As for Jesus of Nazareth ... I think the system of Morals and Religion as he left them to us, the best the World ever saw ... but I have … some Doubts to his Divinity; though' it is a Question I do not dogmatism upon, having never studied it, and think it is needless to busy myself with it now, where I expect soon an Opportunity of knowing the Truth with less Trouble.”

I believe that Benjamin Franklin would say that we must get back to the one true God if we want America to be what it once was.

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