The Life Style of The Platypus

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The platypus is a very unique and interesting mammal. It is only one of five species

on Earth in the order Monotremata. The order Monotremata is the order that lays eggs.

The platypus is the only egg-laying mammal known to this day ("The Amazing

Platypus"). The average number of eggs the female platypus lays is only two at one

time. The female lays the eggs in a hole that is specifically made for laying the eggs. The

male platypus becomes more active during breeding time compared to his every day

lifestyle ("Egg Laying Mammals"). After the female lays the eggs, they are incubated for

about ten to fourteen days. After the egg has hatched, the platypus infants will stay with

their mother until they are old enough to care for themselves. They will usually stay with

the mother until the infants reach seventeen weeks of life. While the mother has to do

everything, the father platypus does not help with raising the young because he has his

own territory. If it gets too crowded for him, the infants will leave and be on their own

("Duckbill Platypus-Ornithorhynchus anatinus").

The platypus has a very unique appearance. It looks like a cross between a duck and a

beaver. The beak would relate to the beak of a duck, and the tail is similar to the beaver.

(" Apologetics press- The Flat-Footed, Beaver-Tailed, Duck-Billed Platypus"). The

physical characteristics of the platypus are quite interesting. It is the size of a normal cat,

and they are covered with three layers of brown fur that is very thick. That is a lot of fur!

The platypus also has webbed feet which makes it easier to swim. Its nostrils are on top

of the bill which allows it to breathe wh...

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