The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

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The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 A.D. his father died 2 months before his birth and his mother died when he was six. His grandfather, who was his next guardian died soon as well. He grew up under the watch of his uncle Abu Talib. Despite his bad childhood Muhammad grew up to be a respectful and courteous man. He spoke the truth, helped other and was generous. People called him Al-Amin meaning "faithful." Muhammad grew up without parents and moved from relative to relative to live. He had to work very hard for a living and prided himself on being an honest, loyal faithful man. He never had an easy life and always had to work for what he had. They look up to the Prophet as a role model and do
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Khadija showed her devotion by becoming the first to convert to Islam, as well as becoming the mother of Islam. Thus the mother of Islam supported him in the improving life from the thoughtless ways of the Meccans that consisted of: foolish worshipping, excess of sex and feuds. Muhammad grew up with little support, and despite his trials he worked hard on his faith. This moral standing of devotion built what Muslims are today as charitable and kind…show more content…
Many of these men were allies of the Meccans, the Jews. Due to this the formation of a great confederacy against Islam occurred. Muhammad, fully prepeared for the attack of 3,000 men who dug a trench to use as a defense barrier from the Meccans. The Meccans arrived to Medina in utter shock of Muhammad’s cleverly facilitated plan, who were forced to return. The Muslims were victorious as they had defeated the Meccans and salvaged the birthplace of Islam and of the Messenger of Allah,
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