The Life Of Rosalynn Carter

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There has been many first ladies that have had a great impact on our country. One of those names were Rosalynn Carter. She was married to President Jimmy Carter and who was our nation’s 39th president. There are four things that shows Rosalynn’s life, here early life, marriage to Jimmy Carter, political life before the white house, her life in the White House, and her life after the white house.
At birth Rosalynn Carter was named Eleanor Rosalynn Smith and she was born to Wilburn Edgar Smith and Allethea Murray Smith in Plains, Georgia on August 18, 1927. Growing up as a child, Rosalynn her two brothers, William Jerrod Smith and Murray Lee Smith and sister, Lillian Allethea Smith, never really noticed they were in poverty, since they didn’t have money, neither did anyone else as far as they were concerned. At the age of 13 Rosalynn’s father had died of leukemia. After her father’s death she had to help her mother raise her other siblings. While Rosalynn was attending Plains High School she worked hard to achieve her father’s dream of her going to college. When she graduated Plains High School she was salutatorian. After high school she attended Georgia Southwestern College.
While Rosalynn was serving at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, she saw a picture of Jimmy Carter in his Annapolis uniform and instantly gained a crush on him. Even though their families were acquainted they started dating in 1945. While Jimmy Carter was driving Rosalynn he surprised her with a kiss. This was surprising because she previously had never let a boy kiss her on the first date. In February of 1946, Jimmy proposed to her and she agreed to marry him. The wedding was planned to take place in July and they kept it a secret. R...

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...tween Israel and its neighbors. After leaving the White House they fell into immediate debt. By writing projects they were able to alleviate the debt they had and were now able to open the Carter Center. In the March of 1983 the two worked with Kenneth W. Stein and other associates of the Carter administration, and invited the top leaders of a wide range of cities and countries to participate. Rosalynn Carter created and serves as the chair of The Carter Center Health Task Force.
Rosalynn Carter married Jimmy Carter and ,who then won presidency, and became our nation’s 39th president . She created many different laws and institutions to help with those who had mental health problems. She became a role model for all women all over the world. She was on of the greatest and most influential first ladies of all time.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that rosalynn carter was married to president jimmy carter, who was our nation's 39th president.
  • Narrates how rosalynn carter was born eleanor rosalind smith in plains, georgia on august 18, 1927. her brothers, william jerrod and murray lee smith, and sister, lillian allethea, never noticed they were in poverty.
  • Narrates how rosalynn met jimmy carter while serving at the u.s. naval academy at annapolis, and he surprised her with a kiss. they got married in plains, georgia, on july 7, 1946.
  • Explains how rosalynn became a role model for the wives of governors. she campaigned alone in 41 states, and gained affinity for walter mondale.
  • Explains that rosalynn served on the president's commission on mental health and was a strong proponent of the equal rights amendment.
  • Describes how rosalynn and kenneth w. stein co-founded the carter center to help bring peace between israel and its neighbors.
  • Describes rosalynn carter as one of the greatest and most influential first ladies of all time.
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