The Life Of Carbohydrates

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There are many things which make humans up. And there are also many things that we cannot live without. Some people may not be able to live without their cell phones or without the internet in today’s society. Although we continue to act as if material things are the most important things to us, I believe what is most important is what we cannot actually live without and those things are simply carbon dioxide and oxygen. Although we cannot live without those elements, us humans need food to keeps us fueled throughout our daily lives. Carbohydrates and starches are one of the three basic things which keeps our body fueled, good carbohydrates keep us fueled with good energy, however; bad carbohydrates keep us fueled with bad energy for a short…show more content…
Even though Carbohydrates and Starches have a different name, they are basically the same thing because they both convert into glucose when they are digested by the stomach, mouth, and the small intestine. ( Carbohydrates are bad carbohydrates that are known as simple carbs because they are refined by companies to produce junk foods such as chips, soda, energy drinks etc. and it is a form of rapid energy. Many teens go out and buy junk without knowing the amount of carbs their candy bar has which has made a major impact in today’s world by causing people to have diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, liver problems and many different things that one thought they would never have. However, Starches are good carbohydrates which are known by the name of complex carbohydrates and they are “naturally processed by plants that create fibers and whole grains.” ( Because we can turn those fibers and whole grains into bread, rice and flour; they are used by Athletes who want to have a good source of long energy meanwhile they are doing activities. Although carbohydrates and starches are sugars, they are both different on how they impact our bodies since complex carbohydrates digest slowly and simple carbohydrates digest rapidly.…show more content…
Muscles are tissues in a human body or animal that contracts so it forms a strong tissue. Not only do carbs affect energy, they are also known for affecting the growth of muscles. Carbohydrates are a person on a diet’s worst enemy because carbohydrates affect the muscle growth. ( They affect muscle growth because when a person exercises and eats too many carbs it would be as if they were not exercising at all since the carbohydrates they have eaten are formed into fats, therefore; all the time one spends at the gym is for noting because all their burning is the carbs and they will see results of muscle until the fat is gone. Even though some carbohydrates may be bad and some may be good, one should always be aware of what they are consuming because as I mentioned throughout this essay, bad carbohydrates can cause obesity, heart problems, and many more things one thought they would never have. It is okay to eat simple carbohydrates once in awhile, however; the amount of calories they consumed should then be burned off by exercise to decline the probability of a person falling into that category listed

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