The Life Of Buckby's 'Bucky' By James Buchanan Barnes

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EARLY LIFE: James Buchanan Barnes - known to everyone as simply Bucky - was born the same year as Steve Rogers was. Bucky's mother died when he was a died after a long illness, and his younger sister Rebecca was shipped off to boarding school after his father died in a parachuting accident. This left Bucky in the care of the same orphanage that Steve was in. Bucky, being a more outgoing and stronger kid, disliked the way the other kids picked on Steve. Bucky's already rebellious and rambunctious nature was exacerbated, and he saw it as a way to get out his frustrations with the world. WAR! World War II was getting started when they finally came into their own. One day, while in art class, America got the news that Pearl Harbor had been attacked and the US entered World War II officially. Both boys longed to fight for their countries, and though Bucky knew that Steve would never make it into the army, he spent the next few weeks training him at Goldies' Boxing Gym. Where Bucky got in immediately, Steve kept trying, but his various illnesses prevented him from joining. Bucky was, not ...

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