The Life Of Aurora Borealis

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In 578 B.C on Mount Olympus, Demeter endlessly cried when Persephone went to the Underworld with Hades for seven months. The capture took place three years ago. Zeus, in agony of her sorrow, created Aurora Borealis with Demeter. Aurora Borealis had blue eyes, blond hair and small. She was always happy and harmless like a hare. Demeter was overjoyed to raise another child to care and love for all the time. The Goddess of the Harvest promised to never let Aurora out of her sight. Demeter was so joyful after Aurora’s birth that the Goddess wasn’t disappointed when Persephone left for the Underworld. Harvest grew forever after Aurora’s birth; the mortals and the Gods were pleased that winter was gone. But, Helios wasn’t fond of her. As time passed by, Aurora became a teenager with a love of beautiful things. Zeus promised Aurora that she can dance with her ribbons in the sky at adolescence. When she became an adult, Zeus had a discussion with all the other Greek Gods to let Aurora dance with ribbons in the sky. Everyone accepted, except for Helios. He argued that Aurora would block the...

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