The Life And Life Of Thomas Edison's Life

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The great innovator Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, the seventh son of Samuel and Nancy Edison, ( As a toddler, he got scarlet fever and an ear infection which resulted in the partial loss of his hearing, a handicap that he would live with for the rest of his life, (Kurtus, “Thomas Edison: Birth to Age 40”). In 1854, Edison was seven years old when he and his family moved to Port Huron, Michigan ( He was in public school for 12 weeks until his teacher referred to him as “addled”, this made him furious and led to him leaving the school. Subsequently, his mother homeschooled him, (Powell, “The Education of Thomas Edison”). Under his mother’s nurture and care, contrasting his old teacher’s…show more content…
He sold newspapers by the railroad so he could sponsor his own experiments, (Thomas Edison Center, “Thomas Edison and Menlo Park”). He took advantage of going back and forth on the railroad by going to Detroit and visiting the library when he had time during the day, (Thomas Edison Center). Nevertheless, his father gave him a strict bedtime of 11:30, which didn’t leave him much time after work, (Dyer and Martin 49). It was inconvenient because he had set up a telegraph line with his friend and wanted to practice with it, (Dyer and Martin 48). Brilliantly, young Thomas knew that his father read the extra newspapers that he didn’t sell that day, (Dyer and Martin 49). With that knowledge he told his father that he left the newspapers with a friend and that he could tell his father the news by using the telegraph which conveniently gave him the practice he desired, (Dyer and Martin 49). Eventually, Mr. Edison let his son stay up longer and miraculously Thomas started bringing the newspapers back home, (Dyer and Martin 49). Thomas Edison made the most out of selling newspapers even though most would say it was pretty mundane job. Unfortunately, he was fired because he ironically started a fire in the baggage car of the train when working on one of his experiments, (Thomas Edison…show more content…
To test his new contraption he recited “Mary had a little lamb” into the speaker, (Kurtus). He made the needle vibrate by turning the cylinder as fast as it was running when he was recording himself and that resulted in an electrical current that passed through the electromagnet, (Kurtus).At the time it was an awesome invention and it gave him quite a reputation, (United States, “Edison Biography”). In April 1878 his new invention landed him a visit to the White House, where he got to show his new marvel to the President Rutherford B. Hayes, (United
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