The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Did the Louisiana Purchase change the lives of Americans? Was the Lewis and Clark expedition really significant? How did Manifest Destiny change the lives of the Americans? In this speech I will discuss why the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition were not completely the main motivations for the American philosophy of Manifest Destiny. I will also explain what the Louisiana Purchase was and how it affected the lives of the Americans, what happened during the Lewis and Clark expedition and who it effected the most and the Manifest Destiny.
During the 1800 the United States brought 28,000 square miles of land from France. During the time that the United States brought the piece of land Bonaparte Napoleon was the ruler of France. President Jefferson offered to pay a maximum of $10 million for east of Mississippi and New Orleans. But when meet with the French representative, the French representative said it was $15 million for the whole of the Louisiana or the deal was off. America at the time was very much an agricultural society. The Americans were desperate for more land, and Jefferson knew they would not give up on buying the west where the land was there. The French were keen to sell because once the Americans had their Independence, France was forced to decide how significant it would be to send their armies across an ocean to fight, when they were still fighting back home in Europe.
France and Spain decided to sign a secret pact, the Treaty of Ildefonso. This stated that the Spanish would give Louisiana to France. Bonaparte Napoleon came to a conclusion that having Louisiana wasn't worth the hassle, because he was getting ready for a war against Britain. French not only sold the land but they were selling the...

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... travelling and expansion were a part of the spirits Manifest Destiny. It was believed by the Americans that it was God’s belief that spread over America, and to control the country as they wanted to.
Another main motivation for the Manifest Destiny is A Sense of a Mission and The Dark side. Some saw Manifest Destiny was the American power of North America. It was a humane way to spread the American freedom to different places. This is linked to the Louisiana Purchase because once again the Americans brought the land from the French.
To conclude I believe that the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark expedition was linked to Manifest Destiny but were not the main motivations for it. This is because the Manifest Destiny was mainly about the expansion of Land and how white Americans at the time believed that God gave them the ultimate power to do almost anything.
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