The Levels Of Discipline Within The Ranks Of The Army

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The level of discipline in the ranks of the Army has severely declined in the last decade. In 2011, it was identified and warned by the senior commander of USAREUR. If things are not rectified then we will have a cancerous effect on discipline. The Army has specific guidance laid out on appropriate behaviors, with that comes discipline. Discipline is the number one thing that sets Soldiers apart from anyone else in the world, country and military. The standards and discipline is exactly what will set the ranks for success. Standards set the bar for discipline, and mission success. The lack of Soldier discipline, is a direct reflection of the Soldier’s leadership. The first line supervisor is the front line of this being allowed. Whether you’re a new Soldier to the unit from Advanced Individual training (AIT) or a seasoned Non-Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, or Commissioned Officer, it is the responsibility of Soldiers to up hold the discipline and standards. Civilians that work with Soldiers also take the same oath of discipline that Soldier’s take. When the level of discipline has dropped it is a direct reflection of that leadership. Army Regulation 600-2, Chapter 4 states that it is the commander’s responsibility to set the level of Precedence and standards in the formation. The roles of the non-commissioned officer is to enforce the standards, without the standards the discipline is out the window and useless. Discipline is the founded upon, respect and self-discipline. Some ask what self-discipline is. Self-discipline is that of an individual to choose the hard right over the easy wrong when nobody is around or looking over their shoulder. This simply in the military i... ... middle of paper ... ..., or other means of disciplinary actions such as confinement, bars and flags, or separation. We are Americas Army, we need to sustain trust, honorable service, Esprit de corps, we are in a situation that discipline is critical. After much research, and personal observation it is not the Soldiers that have a lack of discipline. It’s the leaders within the ranks that are undisciplined. This is obvious across all positions of leadership, from the newest soldiers in the unit to seniors within these ranks. It could be starting from basic training, advanced individual training, or even with the multiple rotations to overseas contingency locations. The bottom line is that the leaders in the military are failing on a daily basis, simply by not insuring the standards put forth by the Headquarters United States Army and Commanders are being enforced to the lowest level.

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