The Lessons of Disney's Movies

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The things we watch and children have a large impact on our adult lives. Whether we realize it or not. And the one constant genre that children have had access to for almost 100 years is Disney. In this paper the affects of the Disney Movies, Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas and Tangled, on young girls will be shown. As well as the subtle messages that as children and even sometimes as adults the watchers do not see. As well as how these subtle messages shaped the young girls of that particular decades ideas about life love and people.
In order to determine what affect movies had on children you need to analyze the movies themselves. Starting with the first full length animated Disney film, Snow White: And the Seven Dwarfs. Most people in this day and Age know this story, Snow White is a princess whose mother dies and her fathers new wife (Snow Whites Stepmother) is an evil queen Who is very Vain and Has a Magic mirror that tells her she is the fairest of them all. But then after the king dies the mirror tells the queen that Snow White has surpassed her in beauty. The queen then tells her henchmen to take Snow White to the forest and kill her and bring back her heart. Because of Snow Whites beauty he is unable to kill her and so he tells her to run. So, Snow White runs and runs until she finds a hut of seven dwarfs, and she lives with them. Eventually it comes out that Snow White is alive, and so the queen disguises herself as an old hag and gives Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White Falls into a deep, Coma-Like sleep and stays that way until Prince Charming Kisses her awake. Now, on the surface there isn’t much to go on except the for the well known “being kind and humble makes you beautiful and being vain and greedy makes...

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...l come home to them. Mother Gothal, the woman who kidnapped Rapunzel and locked her in a tower so that she would have access to Rapunzel hair and be young and beautiful forever, does not want Rapunzel to see the lights knowing what they are. So, Rapunzel, after a strange man falls into her tower conveniently after Mother Gothal and she had gotten into a fight which cause mother Gothal to leave for a bit to calm down, decides to make the trek to see the lights.

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