The Lesson Plan Needs Improvement

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What went well After doing the lesson, I felt that many things went well. According to the class evaluations and observation, the class really enjoyed the 4 different explore sound stations. The stations allowed for self-discovery, but were also structured enough for the teacher to have control. Classmates also liked the pictures that went along with the vocabulary terms. I think we did well with monitoring the students. We made sure the students were ready to continue to the next thing by having them give us “a thumbs up/ thumps down”. Lastly, I thought we did a great job at starting the lesson off strong with an engaging activity with the various sounds played from a cellphone app. It caught their attention and got them curious as to what they would be learning about later on. Improvement/Change The explain section of the lesson plan needs improvement. Instead of having the class do the group activity first and then going over the correct answers, the vocabulary terms should have been introduced first. Then, the students should have tried to match the definitions to the correct...
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