The Lesson Character Analysis

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In Bambara’s story “The Lesson” and Tan’s “Two Kinds,” there is evidence of transformation, conflict, and character. In “The Lesson,” the characters are rough and resilient as opposed to in the story “Two Kinds,” the characters are more emotional or even sensitive. Both stories revolve around major conflicts throughout. In “Two Kinds,” Jing Mei is facing a person vs. self conflict, being conflicted with her mother, who wants the best for her, but pushes a little too hard for what Jing Mei can handle causing Jing Mei a lot of distress. However, in “The Lesson,” there is a person vs. society conflict, because there is a struggle with prejudice within social classes that needs to be addressed and recognized. The transformation in “Two Kinds,” is the maturing of Jing Mei into womanhood, where she and her mother recognize each other’s motives behind their words and actions.…show more content…
society conflict in “The Lesson,” The children are unaware of the prejudices they face, and Miss. Moore exposes them to a life of luxury that is the complete opposite of their rough, poverty ridden neighborhood. The encouragement from Miss. Moore gives the children confidence and hope to move up in the world, but to also be proud of who they are and where they came from. The resolution from this conflict comes from when the children understand that Miss. Moore is an ally to them, and they finally understand the lesson behind her actions. However, in “Two Kinds,” there is a person vs. self-conflict. Jing Mei feels like she is not good enough and cannot meet her mother’s standards. This shows that Jing Mei has a lot of hatred towards her mother, but her mother seems to only want what is best for Jing Mei. However, they cannot seem to agree on something that pleases the both of them. Jing Mei’s mother doesn’t realize how much pressure she is putting on her daughter by trying to live out her ambitions through her only remaining child, which is extremely upsetting to Jing

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