The Lesser Of Two Evils

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The Lesser of Two Evils
War is the tool used by men to achieve what they want through the lives of many, and no greater use of war has been seen than in the fields of eastern Europe from June of 1941- until may 1945. On June 22nd, 1941 Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, ordered the German Wehrmacht to invade the Soviet Union to the east. This invasion went nearly three weeks before Josef Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, acted on the operation against his country. The German army reached the gates of Moscow when their offensive was halted, and so from that day in december, when the Germans reached their high water mark, to the day the fighting ended in Berlin in May of 1945, the fields of Eastern Europe became home to the deadliest conflict in human history. The two leaders hurled their armies at each other, issuing orders to kill prisoners, execute civilians, and in the case of the soviets, even rape thousands of women across eastern europe. Though Stalin did eventually win the war, he proved to be the less favorable of the two Leaders. The war in the Eastern Front of World War Two can be seen as the Deadliest Part of the bloodiest war in human history
As War progresses the amount of prisoners will rise, as that number rises so does the risk of those prisoners being killed or simply dying naturally, in the Eastern Front the risk of death was much higher than normal conflicts. The Prisoners taken by the Germans and Soviets in World War two faced the harshest treatment of any war ever seen. The Commissar Order issued by Hitler stated “political officers were to be shot on capture” (Tucker and Wadley). The Commissar Order was designed to destroy the will power of the Soviet Armies. The Commissars were political office...

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...tern Front: World War II."). The soviets knew that the german army was a shadow of its former self and they intended to make sure that the world knew that by shattering their lines time and again, casualties were not an issue to the soviets, as history has displayed. When faced with defeat a man is capable of two things, rolling over and giving in, or fighting until death to defend what he has come to love, in the war between the Evil Soviet Union and the Third Reich a man was more likely to choose death before defeat.
The War in the Eastern Front of World War Two witnessed some of the highest casualty rates in human history with men on both sides dying by the millions. In the end millions of soldiers and civilians lay dead, mile upon mile of eastern europe became engulfed in death and destruction, and in the end the winner became the one who paid the highest price.
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