The Legalization of Marijuana

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The Legalization of Marijuana

The legalization of the drug marijuana is a hot topic nowadays. Many people want this substance to be legalized and regularly available like cigarettes. But what some people do not know are the serious health risks involved when using marijuana. There is a lot more to marijuana than just smoking it.

Marijuana can have very damaging affects on a person?s brain. It can impair a person?s short-term memory, decision-making and signal detection (Cannabinoids). ?In one study conducted in Memphis, TN, researchers found that, of 150 reckless drivers who were tested for drugs at the arrest scene, 33 percent tested positive for marijuana? (Marijuana). After having used marijuana a person?s driving skills are impaired. A person is not able to safely drive after having used marijuana, even up to 24 hours after use (Marijuana). This drug is very dangerous, and has longer lasting affects than people may think.

Not only does marijuana cause damage to the brain, it can also harm a person?s heart as well. Using marijuana can cause an alteration of heart rate, cause intense anxiety, panic attacks or paranoia (Fact Sheet, par. 7). This could worsen pre-existing heart conditions that people may or may not know about.

Smoking marijuana, in some ways, is like smoking cigarettes. Marijuana can produce airway injury, coughing and wheezing, some of the symptoms of cigarette smoking (Marijuana). But the downfall to smoking marijuana is it contains almost 50% more benzopyrene (the cancer-causing chemical in tobacco) than a cigarette (?Fact Sheet?). ?Marijuana contains cancer causing agents and toxic particles that can lead to bronchitis, emphysema, and lu...

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