The Legalization of Marijuana

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The united states needs a change and that change should be the legalization of marijuana. In doing so it could save our country in many ways. It could lower crime rates. from people selling it or for people getting in trouble for possession of marijuana. It is also one the the drugs that is less dangerous for the public than other drugs that are not legalized. Marijuana should be legalized in the rest of the states because it would reduce crime rates, generate revenue by the taxation of the substance, and its less dangerous of a drug then some of the depressants out there.
Legalizing marijuana could bring down crime rates from each state. Instead of having to go to risky places to buy marijuana when you can just go to a local dispensary. According to Toke of the Town “ the rate of crime would go down cause they would be selling it in stores and would not have to go to the black market to get it and other crimes to buy it” ( Toke Of The Town). In “ Colorado crime rates went down 14.6 % since the legalization of marijuana” (Natural Society). It would also reduce crime by not arresting people for possession or intent to sell. Not only would it lower down criminal rates but it would also save tax-payer money.
The state that legalizes it would get all the money from the tax from selling medical marijuana in dispensaries. Selling pot to the public would be a gold mine for the states cause of all the revenue generated from the tariff of selling marijuana in stores. As CNNMoney said “ Colorado made $184m in marijuana taxes” (CNNMoney). The government would not have to waste money to stop people from selling hemp. Harvard Economist Jeffrey Miron claimed “ If the government legalized marijuana it would save $ 7.7 billion annually b...

... middle of paper ... smoke.” (Drug Free World). Herb would Also Destroy sperm cells and will reduce sexual performance.
All in all, By examining, marijuana should be legalized in the rest of the states because it would lower down criminal rates, can get lots of money from the tax also save money, and its less dangerous of a drug then some of the depressant out there. Weed should be legalized in the other states for it would change the way of life and it would be a good change America needs. From lowering criminal rates down in the states that herb is legalized. Also the states would get lots of money from the tax of selling it in stores. there are many ways that you could do it and it could fit everyone's need of doing it. Also its a drug and it will have its pros and cons but its the land of the free so i think that people should have the choice if they want to do it or not.
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