The Legalization Of The Substance

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Today more and more people are deciding to side with the legalization of the substance, for America. For those who never give the legalization of marijuana a time of day or those who are hesitant on giving it a chance, are now starting to believe that the legalization of the substance would ultimately be helpful for the United States. As always, with every subject that rises up in the United States, there are people that are for the subject and also others that are against the subject. The legalization of Marijuana throughout the entire U.S. is one of the largest controversial arguments between both people and federal officers. As wrote in LegalizationOfMarijuana, “Prohibition must be weighed against the loss of personal freedom. Countries have a responsibility to respect individual free will and the right of self-determination”. “The immorality of marijuana use can only be based on one set of moral beliefs. For example, it is discriminatory to claim that Judeo-Christian abstinence from intoxication is the correct set or moral beliefs” (Arguments For And Against Legalization Of Marijuana). The legalization of Marijuana has many advantages and disadvantages. If this product is legalized, then it would be acceptable to skyrocket the taxes to purchase in-order to maintain control. The disadvantage may be a slight increase of individuals driving while high or intoxicated. “Legal prohibition does not stop consumers from consuming drugs, it does not stop trafficants from producing and selling it. The price of the final product increases to abnormally high values because of the black market status, which together with the powerful effects of drug addiction causes users to commit crimes in order to fund their addiction” (Argu... ... middle of paper ... ...never understand that it has significant benefits. The choice to use the substance in a strict set of rules should be as free to choose as it is for those to drink alcohol. Every single person seeks pleasure everyday and everyone has their own way to do so. For many, the pleasurement comes from marijuana and should be able to easily do so whenever they please, just like cigarettes and alcohol. Marijuana has never caused the serious effects that some get from cigarettes and alcohol, because there is none and the fact that those substances are legal and marijuana is not is mind boggling. There are too many positive ways that the legalization of this substance would help benefit the nation for it to be illegal, from boosting the economy, medical benefits, and many others waiting for the chance to be explored and discovered and is why marijuana should be legalized.

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