The Legalization Of Prostitution And Prostitution

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A couple American states have decriminalized prostitution, should others follow in their pioneering footsteps? Yes. The decriminalization of prostitution has been an unpopular idea in America, a Western civilization, due mainly to religious reasons. Sex, in the Western world, is seen as solely a procreation tool between a married couple, and prostitution is sexual activity for the sole purpose of pleasure and money (evils to Christians). Those in favor of decriminalization want to decriminalize in order to “call for enforcement of laws against fraud, abuse, violence and coercion to protect sex workers/prostitutes from abuse and exploitation.” ("Prostitution Law Reform: Defining Terms."). The goal for decriminalization, is a fight for protection and fair working conditions; prostitution is going to exist and protection is needed for the women and men in the industry. The sex industry is full of abuse and unsafe practices; with decriminalization, regulations on the industry can occur because the women and men will not be afraid of getting arrested when calling the law enforcement for an abuse situation. “It is the right of everyone to express their opinion, choose a profession and practice it…” (Constant 2). In accordance to Constant, prostitutes have the right to choose to be a prostitute. The law currently does not accept their industry because it is centered around sexual activity outside of marriage; but if these men and women want to have sex whenever they please, the government needs to protect their individual freedom to select and participate in their occupation of choice. The government should protect these workers from getting abused, like protection other industries receive, instead of declaring it is against the correc... ... middle of paper ... ...s should focus on civic, not moral, virtue. Decriminalization encourages the freedom of choice to enter the industry, and civic virtue is encouraged by getting rid of corruption in the industry. According to Aristotle, the government can encourage its citizens towards virtuous lives through law. By decriminalizing, the government is able to enforce abuse laws in the sex industry. The government is able to provide security to its citizens within the industry, which was difficult to do when prostitution is illegal. We cannot expect all laws to get rid of immoral activity, according to Aquinas, but we can encourage good behavior within the vice. The reasons expressed by many to not decriminalize can be disputed. More American states need to consider decriminalizing prostitution in order to have the ability to protect and encourage safe behavior within the sex industry.

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