The Legalization Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration has always been a hot topic for presidential candidates, but in recent years the controversy of undocumented immigrants immigrating into the states has peeked national interest. There are approximately eleven million undocumented immigrants, including children, currently residing in the United States as of 2014. Many of the undocumented children who were brought here for a shot at a better future now attend public school and its brought a great deal of controversy whether it is unconstitutional to restrict basic education to these undocumented minors. Warren Burger argues that restricting education from undocumented children is an essential step in assuring the decrease of illegal immigrants in the united states. While William Brennan argues that it is essential to educate these children for the good of the society. It appears that denying undocumented children the right to a free education can harm the society as a whole. But, more importantly, it is regarded as unconstitutional to withhold access to free education for children. Education is a fundamental right no one should be deprived of, whether someone is illegally in the United States or not, without a proper education any individual would have a strenuous time adapting to become a self-reliant adult in today’s technology driven economy. William Brennan states that, “by denying these children a basic education, we deny them the ability to live within the structure of our civic institutions and foreclose any realistic possibility that they will contribute in even the smallest way to our nation” (68). Restricting education from undocumented aliens can only harm society as a whole by creating an illiterate mass of children. Many of who can have a positive im... ... middle of paper ... ...blind eye and denied a basic free education plan to this generations Albert Einstein or the next Thomas Edison, maybe even killed the dreams of our next Mozart. When we pass laws prohibiting the intellectual development of a certain group of people we are condemning them to a life of poverty and unsophistication. Passing laws prohibiting the free education of undocumented children can only lead this country in a negative direction. Taking a step towards a brighter future together is impossible if we deter a certain group of children from an education considering children are our future. Handicapping them with illiteracy can only incapacitate our society as a whole. The United States would not be the country it is today without the hard work of undocumented immigrants who work in the shadows of society doing jobs the majority of Americans don’t want to do as a career.
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