The Legal Rights Of The Buenos Aires Zoo

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In recent news Sandra an orangutan who was born in Germany and has lived 20 years of her life in the Buenos Aires zoo has been granted legal rights. Sandra is to be released to a sanctuary where she will enjoy a vast amount of freedom but due to her being born in captivity Sandra will not be released into the wild. This issue of granting an orangutan legal rights using the act of habeas corpus, has had some controversy around it. In Sandra’s case it is a unique situation that she will be the first orangutan to be granted legal rights. I think that the ruling to grant an orangutan legal rights is not a sensible thing to do. I believe that in granting an orangutan rights we are taking away a uniqueness that humans possess. Humans are capable of moral judgement and thoughts and of intelligent decision making. It has not been accepted that animals are capable of such moral judgements and thoughts. As human beings are animals it is upon our right to ensure that other animals are to be treated with much the same respect that human beings deserve. With studies showing that orangutans and humans are close relatives. Sharing a vast majority of DNA with each other, as well as showing that orangutans seem to possess a lot of human characteristics. We must look at humans and orangutans in the same light. Sandra’s case is one step forward in granting our primate relative’s similar rights as humans have, and sheds light on the future for animals. It seems as if there is a constant struggle to understand and give non-human person status to animals. In the case with Sandra the orangutan it is a positive step forward to allowing animals to have legal rights. We have undervalued and abused animals for far too long and people are starting to move ... ... middle of paper ... ...e in our interest to treat such animals in the same regard. Giving Sandra the orangutan non-human person status with legal rights that will allow Sandra to enjoy the freedom that she is entitled to. However with imposing our justice and believe system we are tampering with the hierarchical structures imposed in different diverse animal groups. Without granting legal rights to an animal we can as humans be aware of our understandings of the animals and not be imprisoning them and imposing our justices believes on them. I think it is in our best interest to retain legal rights to humans only. With imposing our legal rights on animals are we messing around with greater forces in nature? Nature has a way of maintaining a system of hierarchy among animals. With tampering around with caging animals, abusing animals or giving animals legal rights are tampering with nature?

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