The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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Living in a state where it is acceptable for minors under the age of twenty-one to drink in the comfort of their home – with the parents’ consent of course, I have no issue. There are several debates on whether or not the U.S. legal drinking age should be lowered to eighteen, while others question if it is appropriate for parents to allow their minor to consume alcohol. According to the law, the age of eighteen means you are a “legal adult.” Although that is true, it takes a lot of commitment to be responsible rather than to wake up and say, “Whoa, I’m eighteen, time to face reality by myself.” Please acknowledge this argument to give you a certain perspective on the laws of alcohol.
As an eighteen year old, I bet you think I would be all for underage drinking without parental consent – well think again! I am a strong believer in the law and good parenting. One of the biggest responsibilities for parents is discipline and making sure they set a solid limit when it comes to drinking. There are a total of forty-five states that allow teenagers to consume alcohol with the exception of parental consent. In the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, Section 61-6-4070, it states that a parent or legal guardian can give alcohol to his/her children under the age of twenty-one in their home. It is safe to say that with becoming eighteen, you have a whole new set of responsibilities. Therefore, thinking about grabbing a drink with your buddies should be the farthest from your mind. Over at Boston University, BU Today asked William DeJong, School of Public Health, “What led you to decide that age twenty-one was the right or wrong decision for this country?” DeJong replied:
“Raising the drinking age to twenty-one was a choice that was dictated by th...

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...parents leave their minors unattended with an alcoholic beverage. David J. Hanson wrote an article stating: “These states recognize societies and groups, in which young people learn to drink with their parents, tend to have lower rates of drinking-related problems.”
Choosing this particular topic was to help put a better viewpoint towards the situation of underage drinking. It is understandable how parents would go against it, still, be more optimistic and look into the facts and statistics. Wouldn’t you want your child to have their first drunken experience around you, that way you witness first-hand? Teenagers under the age of twenty-one need to know the difference between drinking just to get drunk and drinking to be social. There are countless questions to ask yourself; by reading this you should possibly consider pushing your thoughts in a different standpoint.

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