The Legal Drinking Age Should Be 18

In America, the law is extremely strict with the policy of being 21 or older to have the right to drink. I feel that age is not very necessary when it comes to limitations on drinking. The drinking age should be lowered to a younger age if not lifted all together. I believe that a positive results will come from the drinking age being dropped. In this paper I am going to defend why there should not be a drinking age, because I believe that it is essential to help solve the underage drinking problems we have in our nation. My argument is as follows: There a few different reasons why the drinking age should be dropped and why it would help the problem of alcohol abuse in younger people in America. Most of Europe has no drinking age and does not have the same types of problems that underage Americans do with alcohol. When limitations are set on adolescents and young adults they tend to rebel against rules and abuse the limitation that is set on them. Finally, there is a sense of rights that comes into play with this issue, at the age of 18 a person is considered to be an adult and is given many different responsibilities (basic ones being: charged as an adult and going to war for this country.) with that, the privilege to drink should naturally be another responsibility. Europe has virtually no drinking age and does have the same types of problems that underage Americans do with alcohol. To Europeans drinking is just another part of life and it is -2- not looked at as a problem among young people. There is no where near the number of problems with alcohol abuse in European=s compared to the youth of America. I am going to take Finland as an example to compare to the United States. It is stated that this past year in Finland there was only about 3000 fins killed a year from alcohol. Now that may seem like a big number of deaths but compared to the United States it is actually nothing. The United States accounted for 17, 448 alcohol related deaths this past year which is close to six times the amount of the amount of deaths in Finland. This just goes to show that massive difference between alcohol abuse between America and Europe is. What I am proposing is that the United States should look at these figures and realize that it is not a coincidence that the figures are so far apart. The only major difference between the U.S. and Finland ... ... middle of paper ... ...them abusing alcohol they are only abusing themselves and not authority. I strongly believe that because there is a limit set on underage people the desire to abuse that law is strong and by taking away the law all together the motivation is now gone. By dropping the drinking age I feel that the drinking patterns of underage people will definitely change for the better. They will get a sense of maturity from the privilege and not abuse the law. In conclusion I believe that dropping the drinking age is a valid argument that is supported through my three premisses. I believe that the statistics from Europe prove in writing that a lowered drinking age will help out the problem here in the states. Also, if the limitation is taken away from underage people then there will be no desire to rebel against the rule. I also believe that this is an issue of rights and that as an adult at the age of 18 the privilege of drinking should definitely coincide with much more important responsibilities that 18 year olds already hold. For my final thought, I strongly feel that the lowering of the drinking age will seriously help the problem with alcohol for young and old people in this great nation
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