The Legal Background of Congress

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The Legal Background of Congress

The majority of congress today has a legal background. This legal background slows down congress. Although the heavy legal background of congress slows down the congressional process it does provide for better laws. The strong influence of the legal profession in government is to the country's benefit.

The majority of politicians today are lawyers. For the most part, it has always been this way. Since the very beginning of the United States government there has been a ver distinct legal background. The majority of the founding fathers of our government and some of the most influential politicians in our government have been lawyers. For instance, Thomas Jefferson, one of the most famous founding fathers, the writer of the declaration of independence, was a lawyer. Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt both studied law in college. Even our current president today, William Clinton studied law. As early as the beginning of this country, the roots of lawyers in government has been there.

A lawyers training, and education, when applied to congress, slow things down. Lawyers are taught to question things from every angle possible, to look at it every way. By looking at things from all perspectives, politicians are usually indecisive, in fear of upsetting their constituents and party peers. A lot of this over-questioning works out to the benefit of the common constituent. By looking at things from every angle, a congressman can see if by passing a piece of legislation will it hurt any one specific group. This tends to keep a congressman from voting for that particular thing. Another thing a lawyer is taught to do is to prove something beyond reasonable doubt. By trying to make sure a bill is acceptable, beyond reasonable doubt, is very tough. A lot of work is required to do this, and most of the time a congress man will not vote in favor of a bill unless he or she Is convinced, beyond reasonable doubt that it is necessary and proper.

Although it seems a little unnecessary, the over investigation of bills benefits citizens.

The heavy influence of lawyers in congress does in fact slow down the processes, but it does provide for a better outcome when bills are finally passed. By slowly considering laws and tediously reviewing them, the time is taken to make sure that a bill being past is in the best interest of the country.
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