The Legacy Of Socrates And Heraclitus

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It has been a known fact since one’s birth that they are to die one day. Many places the blame on Adam and Eve, for when they ate the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil, God punished them by taking away their immortality. Putting the blame aside, humans have grown in that instead of trying to regain immortality, we are looking to live our lives to the fullest. To Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher from around 500 B.C., this would mean leaving a legacy. To Socrates, another Greek philosopher from around 470 B.C., it means to live spreading knowledge while also gaining more knowledge. Heraclitus really likes to talk bad about humans, saying they are “unaware of what they are doing after they wake, just as they forget what they did while asleep.”…show more content…
Heraclitus believed that humans should be remembered for their accomplishments and overall them as the person they are, and Socrates did just that. Socrates is being remembered as a person who uses rhetoric to defend himself as shown in Plato’s Apology. He mainly used logos and ethos to get his points across as opposed to pathos like most people of his time did. He is also very well known to spread his beliefs by going around Athens and criticizing well known people who happen to belong in the upper-class. This would have been approved by Heraclitus because he accused that people are just living average lives instead of trying to leave legacies behind. Socrates, in this case, is doing the just the opposite of what Heraclitus accuse of the average person so he would definitely approve this action. Heraclitus accuse humans of living life pretending they know things that they do not. The people that Socrates is going around angering are the types of people that Heraclitus is accusing. They say they are wise when in actuality, they are not as wise as they think. Socrates on the other hand, knows that he is not wise and as a result, he is wise in knowing that he is not. Heraclitus would approve of this because he says the wise man is the one that acknowledges what he does not know. As a result of his criticism, Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth because he went around proving that these people the youth all look up to for being wise are not actually as wise as they portray themselves. While doing this Socrates gained many followers who would later help spread his teachings after his death which allows his legacy to live on. Heraclitus would approve in that Socrates left a legacy. Socrates also died a great death which would be considered an accomplishment to Heraclitus. Socrates chose to die rather than stop his teachings which he claims to be a task assigned to him by the Gods.
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