The Legacy Of Rome: The Legacy Of The Rome

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The legacy of the Romans is extremely important and quite extensive. Many things that form part of everyday life were introduced or improved by the Romans. Over the centuries since the collapse of the Roman Empire, Romans ideas about law, government, literature, art and architecture have influenced many around the world. The Roman influence on architecture is illustrated not only by sports arenas, but also for churches, courthouses, sewers, and many other public works and buildings. Roman law is one of the two great contributors to western law (the other being English Common Law). Roman civil law is the basis for almost all legal systems outside of the US, UK and the Commonwealth (which are more influenced by Common Law) and some parts of the Muslim world (which govern using religious law). The Christian church, although suppressed early on, was nurtured and sponsored by the Roman Empire after the end of the third century AD. Without a Roman Empire to spread it, there likely would never have been any Christianity. Much of Christian thought about how to live your life was also taken from Roman philosophical schools like Stoicism (which originated in Greece but was popular in Rome). The legacy left by the Roman Empire in arts and literature can be seen since its demise up until present day. Many Shakespeare's plays are inspired by Roman authors like ‘The Comedy of Errors’, for example, is highly influenced by Plautus' Menaechmi. Likewise, Milton was influenced by Virgil. Centuries of European writers, artists and painters grew up studying Roman literature. The US founding fathers, especially those like Jefferson, had extensive classical educations and deliberately modelled the US federal government on the Roman Republic. This is why...

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...birth in interest in classical art. The use of pictures of Emperors on coins and sculptures introduced powerful images to society. English is a mixture of many different languages, but it contains many references to Latin. Some Latin words are used directly, whereas others have been adapted, yet the influence of the Romans in our language can easily be seen.
In conclusion, there were many influences on today’s society which made our civilization what is it today. One of the biggest influences was the Roman Empire with its advancements in law, arts &literature, government structures and religion. These influences, direct and indirect, are clearly visible in everyday life. The Roman Empire had not only a great, but important influence on modern day society from how it looks, to the laws we follow, to the how we write and speak, even the way we build an efficient city.
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