The Legacy Of John Adams

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Rachel Heitmann
Mr. Justin Bomar
United States Government – Period 8
Founding Fathers—John Adams
John Adams
John Adams, a pertinent contributor to our country’s modern liberty, was a man with a rich and interesting legacy. He was the first president to live in the White House, and had a son who later became the President of the United States along with a plethora of other intriguing facts. Before that, however, Adams was one of the men whom we still remember and respect today. John Adams was a Founding Father. Not only was John Adams a big contributor to gaining independence, but his wife, Abigail Adams, was also a woman with aspirations for freedom and equal rights. The goals and ideas that both of these individuals had are the reason that I chose to take a deeper look at John Adams.
John Adams was born on October 30, 1735, on his family farm in Braintree Massachusetts. The area that John Adams grew up in is about 15 miles south of Boston. His father was a deacon of the church, but he also assumed many other roles in the community such as a farmer and shoemaker. (American President: A Reference Resource) Not very much is known about John’s mother, Susanna Boylston Adams, except that she had a bad temper. Susanna remarried in 1766, and John did not get along with his new stepfather. Susanna Adams died in 1797 during the first year of John’s presidency. John attended Harvard University for his college education, but as a boy he preferred outdoor activities to school by a longshot. One of his favorite things to do was hunt. Even when John Adams was just a boy, his future personality would find ways to show itself. Everyone who grew up around John got an early taste of his dedication and determination to causes that he cared about. ...

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...assion and dedication to the cause of liberation, and purposeful way of using his law skills are what truly made him stand out as a Founding Father. John and his wife-to-be at that time, Abigail, were two very significant reasons why the United States of America is as successful as it is today. The examples that they set with their practices in founding the nation are what we have looked up to for the past 238 years, and what we are sure to continue looking up to for many more centuries to come.

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