The Legacy Of George Washington

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There are a few people in our history that any person would know who they are. So many important people, events, places and dates to remember. Yet, there are few people who are remembered by all for who they were and what they did. George Washington would be one of the few people. This man accomplished so many great things during his life, molding and building the future for our country.
Augustine Washington was an ambitious man who owned mills, slaves and raised tobacco. His first wife died and he remarried to a woman named Mary ball in 1731. A year later on February 22nd they had a child, who they named George! George Washington grew up on a plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia. George had five siblings; three were from Augustine’s first marriage. After a while the family moved up the Potomac River to another Washington family home, Little Hunting Creek Plantation. During his youth stories were made up of his child hood, such as him cutting down his father’s cherry tree. George supposedly cut his father’s tree down but had to tell him immediately, for he could not tell a lie. George was home schooled through his childhood but most of his skills came from his father and workers around the plantation. He learned crafts such as growing tobacco, raising stock and surveying. When George turned eleven his father past away, making his older half-brother in charge. In 1748, George left home to survey land in Virginia’s western territory. After a year he started working for Lord George William Fairfax and received an appointment as official surveyor. For the next couple years he traveled, learning the land in ways that would help for future events.
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...ll address urging the nation to keep up its high domestic standards and international relations to a minimum. On December 14th 1799 George Washington died of a cold at age 67. He was entombed in Mount Vernon, which a national historic landmark today.
George Washington, a man before his time in my opinion. Never thought about himself, but put others before him. He personally shaped this country time and time again with his unselfish and noble actions. He believed the power should be held by the people. So he relinquished his military command every time his duties to his country were complete. Even after his death, his slaves were freed, showing his generosity. He kept this country fighting, and growing to what we know today. Without this man we may have never gained our freedom. We have our founding fathers, but George Washington is The Father of this great nation.
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