The Legacy Of Bill Gates

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Joel Dinerstein, a professor at Tulane University, along with Frank Goodyear, a photographer scholar, shaped the “American Cool” exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in the nation’s capital. They selected 100 coolest Americans based on original artistic vision, cultural rebellion, iconic power, and a recognized cultural legacy. However, they seem to have forgotten the founder of Microsoft. William Henry Gates III is widely known not only for his influence in the modern world as one of the founders of Microsoft, but also for his iconic contributions towards philanthropic causes, and for his legacy on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Certainly, Bill Gates has transgressed and influenced the manner in how societies develop. In fact,
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As a matter of fact, Gates uses his financial power to contribute to thousands of philanthropic causes through his foundation. To clarify, Bill Gates and his wife established the William H. Gates Foundation around the 90s. This was Gates’ first attempt on philanthropy to focus on education, world health, and investment in poor communities. Eventually, several family foundations joined to form the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. In addition, Gates has stepped down from CEO of Microsoft in 2008 to involve himself full-time in his foundation. Not to be biased, but the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest charitable foundation donating approximately $1 billion annually. As an illustration, through his foundation, Gates has pledged to donate 95% of his fortune over time. His foundation continues to combat malaria, polio and other diseases around the world while still trying to reform education in the US. To explain, in the US, the foundation works to improve public education and college scholarships. In other words, the program aims to graduate students from high school and prepare them for college. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gears its efforts towards minorities who cannot afford higher education by providing students with scholarships. In detail, the program works with educators, policymakers, parents, and communities to develop successful programs. Even more, the…show more content…
Briefly, the foundation has partnered with Rotary International in an effort to strength the aid to unfortunate communities. Combining the powerful financial resources of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with the volunteer capabilities of Rotary International, both organizations focus on the eradication of polio. On the other hand, Bill Gates encourages his foundation by involving himself in the areas of global health development as well as global development. In summary, Gates promotes the support of technology in the fields of scientific research focusing on preventing, diagnosing, and treating infectious diseases as well as other conditions that affect mothers, infants, and children. To complement, other areas of focus in the Global Health Division include HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. Likewise, the foundation’s Global Development Division focuses on improving living conditions around the world. For instance, Gates’ foundation implements agricultural development, financial services for the poor, and water sanitation and hygiene by donating and partnering with family

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