The Legacy Of Ancient Rome

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When one thinks of Ancient Rome, many images may come to mind. Perhaps gladiators fighting for the glory of their emperor, or the impressive Colosseum. For many others it is simply an image of a great and powerful city. Throughout the centuries it has maintained this legacy, still thought of as one of the greatest empires to ever rule. Rome was able to go from the small Italian city to the conquering empire that it is known for today through strong leadership and consistent warfare. Rome first began to expand once they had challenged the nearby Etruscans. These people had educated Rome on a great may things, much of which was architecture, which helped Rome to become the great empire that it did. Rome borrowed things such as the construction…show more content…
Adopted by his great uncle Julius Caesar, Augustus became a ruler along with Mark Anthony and after death of Caesar, where together the two paved a way for a superior Roman empire. During his leadership Augustus accomplished many things; one such example is his rebuilding and vast construction throughout the Roman empire of both temples and public baths. Augustus also held the Roman people to the law very strictly. “This is shown through the banishment of his own daughter after she broke her marriage vows in an act of adultery, which was decreed illegal under his rule”. Augustus was able to strengthen and expand Rome through these construction projects and laws, benefiting the empire both during and after his reign. As he once said himself “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.
A second influential emperor who helped to increase Roman land was Trajan, born Marcus Ulpius Traianus in 98 BCE. “Known as a benevolent ruler, his reign was noted for public projects which benefitted the populace such as improving the dilapidated road system, constructing aqueducts, building public baths and extending the port of Ostia”. By building these edifices Trajan was able to better the life of the Roman populace. Similar to Augustus, by adding advanced building to Roman cities he was able to improve the quality of life in Rome, making it a thriving civilization and exceptional place to reside
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