The Legacy Of Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton, the immigrant with a dream. The founding father who created the United States Bank, and the man who defied all that was thrown at him to create a legacy. It’s considered unknown to when Hamilton was born, but his birth is considered to be somewhere around January 11th, 1755. It wasn’t recorded, due to the fact that he was born in the British West Indies. His parents were James Hamilton, a Scotsman, and Rachel Fawcett Lavien, the daughter of a French physician. His childhood was terrible, as Hamilton was considered a “bastard child” since his parents had conceived him out of wedlock. Even in 1759, Hamilton and his brother, James Jr., were named as “whore children” by a court system. Eventually, his father James Hamilton…show more content…
Things went by smoothly, until both Alexander and Rachel became ill. Unfortunately, his mother died at age 38, in 1768. As for Alexander, he overcame his illness and continued working at St. Croix as an accounting clerk, which helped better his skills in financing. Though it is clear the founding father was against slavery in the future, as a young man, Hamilton was placed in charge of international commerce, or the importation of slaves. Once his mother died, the brothers moved in with Peter Lytton, their cousin, in 1769. He ended up committing suicide, and his father, James Lytton, went to take the boys in, but passed away before he could. In August 1772, a hurricane wiped through the West Indies, and Alexander wrote about it in a letter to his father. He never got a reply from James Hamilton, but he did receive a response from the public. Hamilton published the letter for the West Indies to read, and he gained a mass amount of support from this. The people of the West Indies decided to raise money for him to attend college in the Colonies. Later that year, he left for the American Colonies to attend college in New…show more content…
He believed that a bank controlling the money would leave to trouble, and it never promised anything for Virginia at the time, so he fought back and forth with Hamilton on the idea of a National Bank. In 1787, Daniel Shays Rebellion caused many farmers to revolt, most of them had gone bankrupt, and were revolutionary veterans. The Constitutional Convention from May 1787 to September 1787 took place, which was the first and only closed door convention to decode what should happen, and this brought out the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, and Hamilton Plan, which is the longest speech giving in the convention, lasting up to six hours. When Hamilton returns to New York, he finds the Constitution isn’t agreed on by most. So Hamilton, John Jay, and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Federalist Papers, The papers explained how the Constitution would work, and calm the people who didn’t understand it. John Jay became ill, causing Jefferson and Hamilton to write most of it themselves, and is considered the 1st political
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