The Left Brain Vs. The Right Brain

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Many people will always say that, they are more of the left-brain-thinker or right brain thinker. Over the past years, different researchers on the functions of the brains have done extensive research. Most studies suggest that our brain works in two different ways (Brynie, 2009), however, some of the studies reveal that, the left side and right side of the brain works hand in hand with each other, and there is no way one side can function without the other. Human beings are labeled as right brain thinkers, and left-brain thinkers. According to Wilkinson (2013), the left side and the right side of the brain have functions that provide different responses. The functions of the brains increase, as one grows older. The more a person learns, the more the brain functions increase from the left to the right side of the brain. The main function of the brain is making decisions and controlling one’s emotions. The right side of the brain is good at imaginative and expressive acts. Its work is to process information for instance recognizing faces, reading emotions, expressing emotions, images, color, and creativity, just to mention but a few (Cherry, 2012). Right brain thinkers retain more information from visual experiences. On the other hand, the left side of the brain has a number of functions, which involve language, logic, and analytical thinking. The left side of the brain processes information such as; language, logic, reasoning, numbers, and critical thinking (Cherry 2012). These brain functions affect the left side of the brain, and decision-making. Both sides of the brains enhance the learning and thinking process as the brains incorporated their functions. Both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner during the lear... ... middle of paper ... ...more creative and imaginative. Therefore, they do work hand in hand through different functions in influencing ones learning abilities, but the dominance of one side will affect a persons learning. Therefore, while learning, both the right side, and the left side of the brains make decisions. Works Cited Wilkinson, A. l. (2013). Impaired function of the auditory brainstem in term neonates with hyperbilirubinemia. Brain and Development, 3, 36, 212–218 Brynie, F. (2009). The science of the senses and how we process the world around us. New York: American Management Association. Cherry, K. (2013). Left Brain vs. Right Brain. Available from Wanjek, C. (2013). Left Brain vs. Right: It's a Myth, Research Finds. Available from
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