The Learner Objectives Of A Case Study Model

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Yes, The learner objectives of the case study are clearly stated in the simulation design template. The development of strong objectives that are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable are crucial in a case study. Learner objectives are the specific statements of student-centered performance and serve as the guidelines for content, instruction, and evaluation. For e.g. “Demonstrate a general head-to-toe assessment and focused assessments as appropriate or Use communication techniques to recognize, respond to, and respect an older adult’s strength, wishes, and expectations”. The course objectives are clear and concise statements that describe what you intend your students to learn by the end of the course. Therefore, I believe the faculty/course objective should be specific statements of “teacher-centered performance”. The faculty objectives listed in the simulation design are mostly learner centered objectives, instead of the teacher-centered ones. Yes, the case study was constructed to integrate General…show more content…
Cultural competence means demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the client’s culture, health-related needs while providing care. The cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness have a crucial role while providing care for the elderly population and the nurses require specific skills to provide care in a culturally competent manner. For e.g. the health care plans are formulated for ‘Red Yoder’in collaboration with his daughter –in-law and son as per his wish. Yes, the case study utilized various literary mechanisms to bring the characters to life in the case story pilot. For e.g. the introductory monologue by Mr. Red Yoder is an example for literary mechanism, the case also utilizes the audio of Mr. Red to bring life to his character and the scripted narration adds more support to the literary mechanisms.. Yes, there are appropriate level clues
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