The Learner-Lead Teaching In Weimer's The Learnerer Centered Teaching

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Traditionally, the classroom is viewed as the place where teachers provide instruction to students with the purpose of students learning. There is a major responsibility placed on the teacher in this idea because teachers have to ensure that the students are not only taught all of the information required, but also that they comprehend the information that they are being taught. Higher Education is shifting towards the learner-centered aspect where emphasis is placed on the concept of student learning versus the teacher. Weimer (2013) states that “learner-centered has become trendy and something institutions aspire to be” (p. ix). Teachers take on various methods of instruction in order to ensure that students have a clear understanding of the concepts. In Weimer’s text The Learner-Centered Teaching, he introduces…show more content…
This concept takes the responsibility from the teacher and places it with the student. This approach is in line with Merriam’s theory of Self-Directed Learning in The New Update on Adult Learning Theory. In this approach, self-directed learning is identified as a concept that believes that learning progress from childhood to adult hood. Students are self-directed and instructors are able to tailor their instructional methods to meet the needs of these students. This approach support the concept of distinguishing whose responsibility it is to learn. As stated by Weimer (2013), students will depend on teachers to identify to identify the information that needs to be learned, prescribe the learning methods, and assess how well the student has grasp the material (p. 15). The concept of learning needs to be a shared responsibility between both the teacher and the student. Self-directed learning gives the responsibility to the student with the belief that students can be responsible for learning on their own and gives the responsibility to the teacher of properly educating
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