The Leadership Style Of Mark Zuckerberg

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Introduction When it comes to leadership some people say that your either born with it or not. In today’s modern world if you’re not born with it you must learn to become one. For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg it has been a challenge convincing the public that he has the leadership skill needed to run a multi-billion dollar company. Sceptics argue that the young entrepreneur does not have the experience necessary to run the company. In an article titled, “Facebook 's leadership: Time for an update?”, the author suggest that Mark Zuckerberg get a hold of an experience mentor. Some sceptics have even gone as far as to call him an idiot (Erik Sherman). The main reason people doubt his ability to run a multi-billion dollar company may be because his age. At the age of 23 Mark Zuckerberg was the youngest ever self-made billionaire. Nevertheless he has proven sceptics wrong by continuing to lead Facebook to success. In the following essay I will analyze and describe Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership style; in doing so, I will consider both the positive and the negative aspects of Zuckerberg’s…show more content…
This type of leadership allows employees and management to keep a close connection and strengthens the trust within them so that they can make decisions as a team. This is why Mark Zuckerberg focuses on building relation with employees and Facebook users, thus encouraging them to share their individual ideas. In an article titled, “ Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Style”, many of his employees recognize Mark Zuckerberg as being outstanding CEO. One employee stated that mark Zuckerberg, “focuses more of sensitivity to the people and group relationship in the organization”. As a transformational leader, Zuckerberg promotes better job satisfaction which ultimately leads to higher
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