The Leadership Of An Effective Leader

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Cowart, (2014) explains that number one reason for low morale and disengagement in their jobs is due to the employer-employee relationship. Cowart states that according to the Saratoga Institute Gallup and Career Systems International that managers and leaders are primarily the reason for disengagement amongst the workforce. Leadership that engages the workforce will affect the level of loyalty and commitment on the individual’s behalf. The key to engagement are managers that include the workforce in making their jobs interesting. Mangers that truly cares about what is in the hearts and minds of each individual, are successful in giving the employee a feeling of value in the organizations. Dignity and respect that is given by leaders towards subordinates creates high retention and morale within the organization. Jones, (2012) Research indicates that Servant leadership has been instrumental in promoting increased employee satisfaction, organizational performance, positive organizational culture, and empowerment. Greenleaf emphasized that an effective leader is one who puts the servants needs ahead of their own in an effort to help the individual grow and develop as human beings. Jones notes that organizations that practice servant leadership in tough economic times will have a healthy workforce, that will increase organizational performance, and employee job satisfaction leading to increase morale. Servant leadership is akin to the transformational leadership style, that studies have indicated reduced intensities and anxieties in the workplace, and promotes occupational gratification and organizational allegiance. Trust and honesty are at the core of servant leadership, in which the followers view servant leader... ... middle of paper ... ...process. Low morale and fear is predicated on employees not knowing the direction that the organization is heading in. This can be easily prevented when management includes the employee in the short and long-term plans of the organization with an opportunity for their input, this allows the employee to have a contributing role and a voice. Price also advocates for open door policy that allows the employee to approach management with any concerns, and if the concern is of a sensitive nature they can submit the matter anonymously through a survey. And his last suggestion is to have frequent meeting that will give a platform for managers to inform employees of recent events and developments, and to celebrate employee’s accomplishments. Good communication will increase workplace morale where employees are encouraged to pursue personal development and career progression
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