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Bill Gates the creator of the largest software developer, Microsoft. Gates started getting interested in computer science, from hacking to creating the first operating system for the Altair and starting Microsoft and making it a billion dollar business. Although many people love what Gates does some people have negative criticism against him. Apart from creating the world’s largest software company he also impacted people’s lives in other ways too. Overall Bill Gates led the world in technology and giving, also became one of the most famous people in the world for doing so.
Gates early life was very important to becoming the person he is now. An important part of his early life was himself being born. “William Henry Gates III was born October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He was born to William Henry Gates Jr. and Mary Maxwell Gates. He was the second child of Mary Gates but was William Gates First Child (Scientist: Their Lives and Works 1)”. Each of Gates parents must of parented him differently since his mother has had experience with a child before and his father has not. Throughout Gates early life he met his childhood friend Allen. “Gates began studying computers in seventh grade at Lakeside School in Seattle, where he met his childhood pal Paul Allen. Allen, who was two years older than Gates and shared his interest in technology, would eventually become the budding entrepreneur's business partner (1)”. Gates early life was a good one with being born and meeting a lifelong friend and business partner.
Gates future was found in his school. Gates discovered what magic he could produce with the technology he had in his school life. For example:
Gates developed an early interest in computer science at Lake...

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... Gate has and forever will lead the world for technology and giving, and be remembered forever for his accomplishments in this world.

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