The Law of Any Land Should Be Respected at All Cost

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Hypothetical Case Opinion
The law of any land should be respected at all costs. The law is what governs the people who live in that country. Every country has a legal process that has to be followed. These processes are very precise and require much attention to the specific details. Failure to follow the rules that are incorporated in these laws, then one can be prosecuted in front of a court of law. If one is proven guilty, then the appropriate charges will be sentenced to them. The purpose of these laws is so as to ensure that everybody in the country is treated in the same manner. In addition, these laws also work to protect the innocent citizens against people who are out con them or make unjust decisions about their well being. However, as time goes by, the laws are usually amended accordingly since they become outdated with time or irrelevant.
As a justice, I have reviewed the case that has been brought before me. When a case is being decided, it is important to first examine all the amendments that have been made to a particular law that is in question. After this is done, one can then look at the date at which the suit was filed in court. It should be before the amendment was made. Based on this case scenario, the Columbia Civil Liberties Union is petitioning the Columbia state for the erection of a cross behind Dr. King’s statue. With reference to the laws of this land, there is freedom of speech and expression. In addition, everybody is entitled to their own religion and at the same time, they are free to worship or believe in any religion that they wish to.
In the case between the Engel versus the Vitale, that took place in the year 1962, shows a resemblance in the case that we are having today. The case was filed by...

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...n which it was built on belongs to the state which means it belongs to the general public. This is the reason why, it is crucial for the area to be made in such a manner that it would be ideal for everybody who wishes to visit the place. After all, it is a recreational center for everybody. This is enough to make the lawsuit a good idea (Meyer, 30).
In my opinion on this matter is that the state of Columbia violated the first amendment in their original action. The opinions of the citizens must be listened to and upheld. These are just of the basic functions that the state is supposed to be doing. From my opinion, the cross should not be erected as this would benefit the people who are living in that state. People are supposed to stay comfortable in the place, which they live in. A comfortable life results in a happy life which is more enjoyable than any other kind.

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