The Law Making Process in Australia and Hong Kong

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In a liberal democratic society, the country should be ruled by law not by man. Whether a society is well developed or not, it largely depends on how perfect the law system of that society is. According to Justice Ginsburg, "Judges need critical commentary. We need law to defend us against unfair comment in the press." Law acts as a constraint of citizen's behavior, it judges right and wrong, or more common to call, legal or illegal. Being a college student, it shows a responsibility to know the importance of law as well as the similarities and differences of law making process in Australia and Hong Kong.

The law making process in Australia and Hong Kong shows similarities in the initial five steps including introduction, committee consideration, first reading, second reading and third reading. The first step is the introduction of a bill by a member of the General Assembly and Committee referral. It is usually introduced in the House and Senate. Approval must be sought from State Cabinet before turning the bill to Parliament or Legislative Council, therefore the bill must pa...
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