The Law Is Justice

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WEEK #3 The gist of the law is justice, and its purpose is the common good. The content of social work is the correction and prevention of injurious relations, and it’s aim in common with that of the law, is the public well-being (Rome, 2013, p. 1). From the beginnings of the Charity Organization Society in England in 1869 there was a movement to break the cycle of poverty. Jane Adams, Nobel Prize recipient in 1931, focused her efforts on the settlement houses in Chicago in the early 1900s, and later community organizing and activism. With the first cohort of social work students at Columbia in 1898, begun by an attorney Robert Weeks deForest, the profession has lead the way in developing private and public charitable organizations to serve marginalized populations. In the 1940s Francis Perkins, a social worker, was appointed to a cabinet position in the Roosevelt administration to craft the New Deal. From these beginnings, social workers have participated in assisting those in need through direct services and education but also have participated in the intersection of law, the legal system and social work. During the late 19th century the legal profession was going through a transformation. The concept of a public defender office was first proposed at the end of the 19th century by Clara Shortridge Foltz, a pioneering advocate who was involved in a myriad of social justice campaigns, including prison reform and women’s suffrage. Both social work and public defense found renewed zeal and vigor in the 1960’s, an era that witnessed increased government funding for social services through the War on Poverty. During this era there was increased cooperation between the administration, policy makers, as well as the social work p... ... middle of paper ... ...tal problems such as poverty, substance abuse, and separation. The role of the justice system should be to assure these juveniles are not repeat offenders. To accomplish this goal there should be a strong social service network with in the justice system. However, there are times when these services operate on different planes. With the cooperation of lawyers, judges, the judicial system and social workers we can collaborate on the rights of the child. To be effective in the social work profession we must understand the similarities as well as the differences of the legal system and the human services system. To fully explore the possible solutions for our clients we must be prepared to work on multi-disciplinary teams to successfully collaborate for effective solutions. Cooperation within the disciplines will move society toward equal social justice for all.
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